Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inspired Living

I've been looking at carpets today (for the bedrooms) and thought I could write a post on the ins and outs of choosing carpet. But quite frankly I've decided it would be, well, yawn-inducing. Suffice to say that 100% wool is best (preferably from New Zealand - yay!) and the rest is up to personal choice and the amount of wear and tear the area will get.

So, instead, here are some images of living areas I love and hope you do too ...

From Desire to Inspire; image Magnus Selander.

A hint of purple and a stunning rug.
Oh, for an outdoor room that doesn't look like an outdoor room!
The Tree House in California by KAA Design Group; image Erhard Pfeiffer.

From Otthon

These two are homes in Hungary by Catherine Dickens.

Wow - the hot pink chairs really work, primarily because of the neutral colour scheme.
Gorgeous still life like a painting itself.


  1. Thanks so much for the link in your blog list! LOVING that bright pink chair! I need to get to taking pictures of my fuchsia bookcase one of these days!

  2. Thanks Erin and thank YOU for featuring my blog on your blogroll! Have been loving your colour palette features, too, which are definitely inspiring.

  3. Indoor/outdoor room stylist indeed, love it.
    There's no doubt an attractive rug ties a conversation area together warmly.

  4. I like the painting! Yes, I agree with Joss that an attractive area rug is nice for the featured living rooms. I also like the color combination as shown in the first photo. The flooring is also awesome!

    When it comes to tiles, I really like unique designs and attractive hues. Just like my friend, Marie, she purchased unique tiles from both tile Clearwater area store and tile flooring Tampa, Florida-made products. I'm really delighted in seeing the finished product the last time our family visited their home.

    Thanks for sharing the inspirational post, Jane! I really appreciate it.


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