Monday, September 12, 2011

Four days to go!

I've been really slack with my blogging, I know, I'm sorry. And some of the tradies have been really slack on site, too! The painters have been sacked and replaced by a new team and the pool man has been fired for not turning up. The painting is only half done, there is no carpet, no wallpaper, no study joinery.

We move in on Thursday and this is what it looks like ...

The carpet is being laid on Wednesday and the stair balustrades are going in Thursday morning. Talk about tight! But at least the front door's in.

And we have an entrance.

We have kitchen benchtops, a gas hob and a new fence behind.

We have some lovely bathroom tiling.

Master bath

Girl's bathroom

We have a louvred privacy screen on the deck.

A partially formed barbecue area off the deck.

And a fence-less back yard which better be fenced when we move otherwise Ruby will be roaming!

And at least they're trying to look after the floors ...

No matter if the paint's still tacky I can't wait to move in!

P.S Tomorrow I'll show you two pendants I've just picked up which are yet to be hung ... Jx


  1. Oh wow, it sure is tight. Good luck with the last few things before you move in. It's looking fabulous by the way. xx

  2. Wow, I can't believe you're almost moving in.

    I'm giving a virtual kick up the pants to the tradies to get their act together so that you can have a smooth transition into your new home.

    Fingers crossed and toes a twitching,

  3. I love every single choice you've made. What an impressive entry way, and I'm a fan of the window in your kitchen. It's really taking shape. I bet you can't wait to push that enormous front door open one day, and it all to be DONE! The end is in sight.

  4. It's looking so great. I love your entrance with the stone wall and impressive door. Lucky you! Very exciting :)

  5. Very exciting Jane, but gee, sounds like there has been a tonne of stress along the way.Heres to sleeping in the new house on thursday!!


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