Sunday, September 25, 2011

We're in #2: Bedrooms

As promised here are some more shots of the interior: the bedrooms ...

Our bedroom with the 'Tree Tops' wallpaper which has come up better than I expected.

Spare bedroom detail (the bed's not up yet as special screw thingys needed to lock the slats in place are missing - hopefully in a box yet to be unpacked in the garage. But, don't worry, English visitors - it will be up in time for your visit at Christmas!).

Daughter #1's purple bedroom

Detail in daughter #1's bedroom. The curtains have small silver sequins in the flower pattern which look gorgeous at night. 

Daughter #2's desk detail with its pale aqua colour scheme.

I have to say the girls have been fantastic at packing and unpacking their rooms. I've not done a thing! Well, the deal was if it doesn't get packed or unpacked then it's gone - in the rubbish or given away. Seemed to work!

Pale blue metallic tiles in the girls' shower (wish I'd put them around the bath now they look so pretty!)

I have more so will put them in the next post!


  1. All has turned out so well Jane. It must be surreal being 'in' the house. So many little things, so much attention to detail. Beautiful!

  2. The wallpaper is just fabulous. Loving the tour of your new house. xx

  3. wow Jane. Your new home looks so wonderful, love your master bed wallpaper, love the stone feature wall on the stairs, love the dog photos, love the light fittings, love what you told the girls about their stuff (i've been known to threaten to bring in the wheelie bin with my youngsters, fortunately it didn't come to that!!). most of all , congratulations, you must be totally exhausted and running on pure adrenaline. best wishes to you and your home. Jane x

  4. Oh my I love the dragonfly wallpaper and those aqua tiles. Gorgeous!!!

  5. It is all so lovely. I love the neat desk. Hope it stays like that.

  6. Oh I love those tiles, really gorgeous effect and colour. Also love the dragonfly wallpaper. All the bedrooms are coming together well. G

  7. I can't believe your in and you thought you'd never get there! The bedrooms look gorgeous with the wallpaper can't wait to see more :)


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