Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shady Designs Pendants and more chaos!

I didn't think things could get even more chaotic than they already are. But how wrong I was!

On site late yesterday afternoon, running through everything that needs to happen I discover the girls' bedrooms have been beautifully painted. But in the wrong colour! Yes, indeedy, two lovely coats on the walls and joinery were done without anyone realising they were using Dulux Bone White (a creamy colour being used in our bedroom and the guest) instead of Dulux Antique White (which is quite white). How this could happen when I itemised every room detail on paper, ran through it with the head builders and then they even wrote the paint names on each wall, I don't know.

We've asked for more painters to come on board today so it can be re-done and all the other painting finished as well so the carpet can be laid tomorrow. Then there's an issue with the bathroom mirrors which were to be bevelled and nothing's been done. And the wallpaper in the upstairs loo which the wallpaper guy (who supposedly has 40 years experience) is having trouble hanging - something to do with it being a foil with a raised suede-like flower pattern and so this is holding up the installation of the loo itself (plus vanity and wall mirror).

I could go on but you get the picture, although it does help getting it off my chest!

Instead, how about I show you the two pendants we had made by the lovely people at Shady Designs in Sydney's Lilyfield whom I'd highly recommend? The pictures don't really do them justice and they look kind of silly sitting on the cane table outside but the light's better there.

This one is for the study and is in Ink & Spindle fabric: Birch Forest in Robin's Egg.

And this one is for over the dining table. The wallpaper is Osborne & Little, Farfalla by Nina Campbell. The fabric is more charcoal in person and is called Lamba.

Have a great day folks!


  1. NO WAY!

    Jane I am SO looking forward to the 'AFTER' post where we get to tour your home in all its glory, with everything in its place as it should be.

    Loving the pendants, the butterflies in the second one are truly gorgeous.

    Fingers crossed for a day of 'wins'.

    xx Felicity

  2. The lampshades are just beautiful! I do like the ink and spindle designs :)

  3. Oh you poor thing Jane! Love the light shades they are truly beautiful. Mimi xx

  4. Nothing like a bit of house-building drama to keep you on your toes! Your pendant lights are just perfect. Your blog makes me want to build again :)


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