Friday, March 25, 2011

Progress & Kids

I haven't been down to the house all week. I haven't even sneaked a peek after-hours.

I want to wait a bit to be bowled over by the progress.

In fact, progress can't come soon enough.

I caught up with a friend who said she'd walked past the house the other day with her five-year-old boy. And he'd said, "Mummy? Why are they building a car park there?"

You've got to laugh. Well, I can see the resemblance ...

Don't you just love kids?

Don't you just love progress? Bring it on, I say!


  1. Ha - kids are so funny! Don't worry, there always seems to be a stage with no/or ultra slow progress, then it all falls into place quickly.
    When I'd not shaved my underarms for a week, my son then aged two who was lying with me in a lovely cuddle, got his pointy finger and poked my armpit and declared "looks like Daddy's beard!". In my defence Daddy's beard is only ever a 3 day growth at best. Ha!

  2. Jane and Sonia you girls both made me giggle!
    At this very moment Captain V is cracking up because the 8yo in our house is declaring that zebras aren't black and white, they're white and black. He's adamant! You've got to love them.

    xx Felicity

  3. Great progress, and I do the same thing when I'm waiting for something - leave it as long as I can so I'm amazed when it arrives/is finished! Hope things keep moving quickly, and you're in your "carpark" quick sticks!

  4. LOL, its a shame we forget most of the funny comments our kids make, Im sure someone could make a good book out of them!
    Love your progress shots but Im sure your looking forward to moving day all the same!

  5. Thanks for your comments & Sonia, you cracked me up with your armpit image! And I think we definitely need to spend more time writing down our childrens' words of wisdom!


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