Monday, March 28, 2011

Floating Away

Do you have some weeks where you want to stick your head in a cloud and float away?

To not worry about all the tasks, jobs, chores to be done?

To just be? Hiding, in your thoughts, in your own time, in your own little place?

I wanted to be this guy this weekend ...

You'll be pleased to know that this guy is not a real person. It's a sculpture and I found over at Anthology Magazine. Called 'Sentient Orbs', it is by Glasgow artists Craig Little and Blake Whitehead - or littlewhitehead as they call themselves (seriously!) - and was part of an exhibition called Grey Matter at a UK gallery, Talbot Rice Gallery, a couple of years ago.

I like.

Do you?


  1. On a fine, summery day Jane, what would be nicer than to float away for a bit. To come back of course!! When everything in one's world would have taken on a different hue!! What an amazing and original sculpture.

  2. That's a fun sculpture. I think I spend most of my day floating away somewhere!

  3. Some weeks? How about always. Isn't this what designers are supposed to do? be floating somewhere, creating and dreaming. Except reality is a bit different. Great blog Jane.

  4. What a brilliant sculpture - funny and quirky. I feel like this fellow all the time!!

  5. It's fantastic! Of course, it doesn't look too comfortable... maybe it makes whatever he was running away from not seem so bad by comparison!

  6. I love that sculpture. and to answer your question...absolutely. I have one of those weeks once every 3 weeks where I just get so bogged down with things to do that I want to run away and lay on the couch for a week. Too bad there's even more to do afterwards.


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