Friday, March 18, 2011

Building Progress: The Roof

Yes, indeedy, finally we have the roof going on! The gutters have been sorted (and look quite stylish I must say - although I never thought I'd say that about a gutter!). And we have a pretty productive schedule up until Easter, which includes: windows and doors, insulation, cladding, the planting of a large number of 2.5 m Lilly Pillies from one end of the garden to another, more brick work, the garage being built, plus electrical and plumbing work and, of course, the roof.

Phew, I'm exhausted just writing it down. But it's great to see the place humming with tradies once again and to find our end-target date has not moved much - it is closer to the end of July than the beginning.

A piece of roof sheeting. Boring, I know.

Oh silver quilt, keep us warm: roofing insulation as seen from inside the living space.

Not a lot going on here: some roof sheeting over the bedroom and the timber roof frame over the stair well.

Roof over the deck with an unhappy looking tree fern in the foreground.


Hugh the Digger in action.

Happy weekend!


  1. Exciting! I look at other people's roofs with envy, yes I admit it, when I see a fresh new roof I get a touch jealous!
    How great to see progress :)

  2. My what nice gutters you have ;)

  3. Great progress Jane... July will whip around before you know it. and then summer and you'll be lounging by the pool sipping pina coladas... perhaps???! A x

  4. Such a symbolic stage when the roof goes on ~ it suddenly feels like a "house" instead of a frame.

  5. Not boring - very exciting!

    Nice to see that Hugh's still flexing his muscles I'll miss him when the house is built!

    x Felicity

  6. that is definitely exciting stuff! i bet you're stoked to get the roof on. jxx

  7. How exciting and can so relate as we are meant to get our roof this week, can't wait! Gx

  8. Fantastic Jane, every step forward is exciting, I am thoroughly enjoying your journey!!!

  9. Exciting things are following along!

  10. Oh wow, new stalker who will be building in a year or two, only we're starting from scratch as our big family already needs a 6 bedroom house, phew (not in Sydney thankfully, for size & cost matters, we're both from Sydney & love it) but home is now Canberra & we're moving to the country. Love Posie

  11. Yeah, that roof is looking very fine there! The gutters are looking good too. It seems like a nice day for work there, and I hope a lot of progress on that house had been made. Really, the whole thing is shaping up very nicely!

  12. Cool! It's all coming along nicely, huh? Well, I agree that your gutters look stylish. It's probably finished by now. Can you post some pictures so we can see how it looks?


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