Monday, October 25, 2010

Mood Boards: Girls' Bedrooms

What better way to spend a ghastly rainy Sunday (ie yesterday) than by making mood boards! My two girls and I had a ball going through magazines and putting together ideas for the rooms in the house and I let them run free with their bedrooms.

As you can see my eldest has gone for a base of black and white and wants to liven it up with turquoise and purple. And where are those wallpapers I blogged about in my last post, you may be wondering? Well, she's got them on another piece of card but thought maybe a more subtle design would be better (I told you there'd be a lot of fickleness going on!). But hey, I think it looks quite sophisticated and pretty, don't you?

My youngest teamed the Dog in the Park wallpaper with lime green, blue and a dash of yellow. Bright and breezy that can be toned down with white bed linen and furniture.

I then went and looked at the other rooms in the house and it was such a great process as it really helped me 'see' each room and because I stuck each image down with Blu-tack I could take items away and add others to change the look and feel. It sure beat having a [large] stack of cuttings that, apart from giving me ideas and inspiration, were also making me feel confused and overwhelmed. This way - and with only an A4-sized card - I had to be ruthless and only keep things that really worked. I also found images (both online and in magazines) of furniture and other items similar to those we already owned, such as our sleigh bed, driftwood lamp, chocolate leather armchairs, so I could see how they would fit in with the choices of colour scheme, wallpaper, curtaining etc and, in some cases, which room they would go in. You could also do this with artwork, family photos, plants to help get the feel for what the 'real' room could look like. And rearranging is as easy as lifting a finger! I highly recommend it.


  1. I am trying to envisage engaging the three men in my family in this one day. Probably not going to happen. Wonderful result - I wonder how much you'll all change your minds in the shopping process... exciting times.. A x

  2. How organized are you! This is fantastic. I love how you are getting the girls involved what a fab experience for them.

  3. This is an awesome idea, your girls have great style. if you go to IKEA's website you can download the home planner, put in your room size, adding doors windows cupboards everything inc light switches & then use there furniture to map out the furniture placement in your rooms, a great way to see if your things fit.
    I must be a little OCD as I did this before moving into this house & printed each room map & stuck them on the doors, this way my hubby & his helpers new EXACTLY where I wanted things. It worked a treat!!!


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