Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Building Progress: Girls' Bedrooms

Who wants to see the girls' new bedrooms? No one can be more excited than they are to see them and so far this is where we're at ...

Hannah's bedroom

Amy's bedroom

Somewhere in the middle is a bathroom ...

Exciting stuff. The dimensions look a bit wrong in the photos and it is pretty hard to get a feel for a room when there are no walls or ceilings but you get the idea. Thankfully, there's no more concrete to pour and it is, literally, all on the way up from here. As I write the rest of the old bricks are being laid to form the walls and then, hopefully, very soon we can lay the top slab and see what the upper level will look like. How different it all is in reality compared to an A3 drawing!!


  1. It is all so exciting. It will all make more sense to us when those walls start going in :)

  2. You must be so excited to see it in the flesh (so to speak)... soon you'll be able to put the A3 plans away in the drawer and start shopping to fill real rooms. I am rather envious! Ann x

  3. What a practical idea having the bathroom between the bedrooms! Do the girls have direct entry from their bedrooms or in a hallway? Yes I bet you get a mcuh better visual sense of the space in concrete than on paper. Not long to go and you'll be walking through framed rooms! Glad to see the rain has not slowed you down.
    X Briohny.

  4. I bet the girls can visualise what their rooms will be like even if no-one else can!

    The house is progressing wonderfully, here's to sunnier days.

    Thought I'd drop by and let you know that your digger Hugh's namesake is celebrating his birthday today.

    x Felicity

  5. Briohny, yes you access the bathroom from the hallway, although there is like a vestibule off the hallway where all the doorways are, if you get my drift? Cheers, Jane

  6. So exciting! Hannah and Amy must be thrilled! Can't wait to see more!

  7. oooh this must be such an exciting phase for you! and busy too i might assume. i can't wait to see the finished rooms with the happy girls in them =)

    all the best dear.

  8. I remember that stage with the extension and reno - everything looked smaller than I'd imagined until the walls went up! Very exciting though! Rachaelxx

  9. i can just imagine how exciting! glad to see things are moving along nicely for you darl xx


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