Monday, October 18, 2010

Building Progress: Week 19

Remember last week I showed you the super-duper bedroom slabs? Well, now they're getting walls!

Even though there is still some of the original bricks left, they are using new bricks for these walls (and thank goodness they won't be seen as they're really don't have the character of the old ones). This is Hannah's bedroom east-side wall with a lovely view of the neighbouring trees.

Same room; other wall. I'm impressed at how high the ceiling studs and door frames will be. Our architect specified these and I think it will make a difference to the feel of the rooms - giving them a lofty feel rather like that of an older, more traditional home.

The view of the concrete jungle from the far end of the pool.

And Deb the Digger has been hard at work clearing rubble and earth to make room for the second level slab. Hugh the (other) Digger has been languishing in the guest bedroom for goodness knows how long! I'm guessing that soon they will no longer be required.


  1. Thanks Jane, this morning made my day!!!
    I'm looking forward to see your new house,
    the proyect is amazing, really beautiful!

  2. Hi Jane, thank you for visiting my blog and your comment on Rachael's guest post. I like your house project and your inspirations. I'll be happy to visit your blog again.
    Warm regards, Anna

  3. Wow Jane, great to see the new developments. Your new house will look divine!

  4. Jane great to see such progress! And yes,the higher the ceiling stud is the better. We have gone from 16' ceilings in our old house to 10' here & it just isn't the same.
    Millie ^_^

  5. Hi Jane, can't wait to watch the progress of your house! It will be great to see it come together. I'm a newbie blogger and will be documenting our house extension. We put the plans into council today and the thought of gutting the back part of our house fills me with excitement and dread!


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