Monday, September 6, 2010

Union Jack Wallpaper

An interior design friend of mine has discovered the perfect wallpaper for me to go with my British and NZ-inspired cushions: Cole & Son's Union Jack wallpaper panel designed by Vivienne Westwood.

Known for her use of iconic British imagery, the wallpaper was inspired by an antique flag recovered from a ship, reinterpreted with a weathered and sun-bleached look.

Image via Vogue UK

It is available in Australia through Radford Furnishings and while I have yet to see it in person and find out the cost (!), I think it could look really good on the back wall in the TV room. Here is a close-up of the paper which is made to look like real, worn fabric.

My Pony Rider and pohutukawa cushions from the Poi Room in Auckland.

What do you think?


  1. Wow Jane, that wallpaper is amazing! And I love your cushions. I found a seller on ebay who sells cushions with flags on them. They are similar to that wallpaper. If you're interested in taking a look just search flag cushions under the category "Home" and they should come up. The seller lives in the same small NZ town as my parents. Maybe I could save on postage next time I'm home for a visit,lol.

  2. I really like it but I bet the price is scary! I'd love to know te price :) Having said that, it would be worth the splurge! HE he he..

  3. Go for it, looks great(of course depending on the price?)!
    I love this kind of 'Pop Art'- Modern yet long lasting! Simply never goes out of style!
    Good luck!

  4. It really looks great! I would so get it:)
    Have a wonderful Monday, my dear:)

  5. i love this idea, really beautiful!!

  6. Wow, it really does look like fabric doesn't it (at least in the pics!)

  7. love that wallpaper, have been wanting hte cushion for a while now. oh my priorities are all wrong, should stop paying school fees! jx

  8. It's stunning. You must tell us the price, if it is indeed beyond reach!

  9. I love anything with Union jack on it ... and this wallpaper is amazing!
    love it!

  10. The Anglophile in me LOVES that! It wouldn't work in my home but yes, I do loves it, indeed.

  11. Thanks all for your encouraging comments - I love the way the blogging world works! Now I think I'll have to find out more about the wallpaper - even hubby loves it!

  12. Ive seen that around but never knew it was wallpaper, that's fantastic I love it.Megan xx


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