Friday, September 3, 2010

And The Bricks Keep Going Up

A new house is being transformed from the old. 1920s bricks are forming the internal wall structure of the new house and the guest bedroom takes shape.

The rumpus room east-side wall and windows are formed.

Hugh takes a rest, but I am worried that the dimensions don't look right. The wall length between the two long windows is meant to be 3 m but doesn't look like it to me! Of course, as it turns out, it is an optical illusion but I'm thankful the architect checks it out for me as he discovers that all the door heights are too low!! Oh no! While they would have been picked up as my husband would have skimmed his head on them, it is much better the error can be rectified now rather than later.
{Moral of the story: It pays to check everything!}

There's now a delay with the pool formation because the poolman has been held up on another job, which means we can't lay the second slab and progress the brickwork on this wing. Grrr!
{Moral of the story: Must remember that patience is a virtue}

Spring may have sprung but there are still no buds on our frangipani tree.
{Moral of the story: See moral # 2 above}

Wishing you all a very happy weekend!


  1. It's all happening which is great. Boy, that was lucky about the door frames. It definietly does pay to check these things :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. YAY! Great progress, good catch on the door ways. Hope the pool guy doesnt slow things up to much!

  3. Wow Jane, what a huge job!! but looks like its progressing well!
    have a great weekend,
    Laura xx

  4. Look at this house shooting out of the ground!

  5. It's looking good! Seems like you are keeping a close eye on things which is just as well!
    X Briohny.


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