Friday, September 17, 2010

Tree Ferns

In an effort to keep the tree ferns that were growing from the rocky promontery in the back garden that we've basically cut in half to get more lawn (it is outside the picture to the left), we've transplanted them in the middle of what will be the back lawn where they can get both sun and shade and hopefully, continue living.

They look a bit sad at the moment, but cross fingers they will survive the upheaval. With Spring here and the sun shining, this has almost got me enthused about doing some gardening. Although, the closest I'll probably get is helping my girls plant the seedlings we bought a week ago. They definitely have more of a gardening gene than I do! But I do enjoy colourful spring flowers and fresh tomatoes, don't you?

Happy weekend everyone ...


  1. Hi Jane! I wish I had've paid more attention at the time because about 3 weeks ago the gardening show on the ABC did a segment on moving tree ferns. You may still be able to see it online through the ABC website 'iview'. I think Jane Edmundson covered the topic. I LOVE gardeing and never miss an episode but sadly, didn't pay much attention to this topic!
    X Briohny.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Briohny - I should check it out. Our architect has had some advice from an arborist so hopefully we haven't done anything too wrong!

  3. I love your tree ferns...these sort of things hold such history and if they survive they will be beautiful.


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