Sunday, January 17, 2010

Puppy Love

This weekend has been very exciting for us as we got a new addition to the house which has nothing to do with the build, the interior design or choice of fixtures and fittings: a beautiful puppy called Ruby. While one could argue that her colouring is right up my colour scheme alley, she is so much more than 'designer' dog - in fact, she is far from it.

So named because she was found in a rubbish bin, Ruby comes from an Aboriginal community in Yuendumu in the Northern Territory that not only has a dog rescue programme but also a very successful arts community - the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation.

The dogs - all mixed breeds, many cattle and kelpie-based mixes like Ruby - are found and looked after by Gloria Morales, the art centre assistant manager (and originally a Chilean arts conservator!) who runs the dog program. The desert dogs are then re-homed around NSW by rescuer and foster carer Sandra from Paws Rescue who brought back Ruby for us. What an amazing job and what a beautiful dog ...

If you're a dog or art lover - or both - the program is always looking for volunteers to help up in the NT or with helping look after the dogs before they are found homes. It's definitely going on my bucket list!


  1. Congrats on the new addition to your home! She is beautiful. My husband and I got our first furbaby, Lexus, a couple months after we got married, and our second, Jake, a couple months after that. They were both rescues. I don't know what we would do without them! Whenever I have a long day at work, Lex and Jake are always ready to love on me, and effortlessly soothe the day's frustrations away.

  2. Hi Crystal, thanks for your comments! We are so happy with Ruby - she is turning into a delightful and intelligent dog. How is it with two? My husband would love to have another but I'm not so sure - purely from a time-commitment point of view. Jane

  3. She looks like a real Sweetie Jane & what a marvelous programme they're running in the Northern Territory. Good on you for getting a mixed breed rescue dog, I'm sure you'll find her very intelligent and healthy.

  4. great blog! how fantastic, thats so kind of you!
    I really want to get a rescue dog so I might check it out.
    all your other blogs have been really good. Keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards


  5. We actually got Jake to keep Lex company when I started a full time job. The time commitment for two isn't much different than one. We play with them at the same time and we take them for walks together. Lex has claimed me and Jake has claimed my husband, so at night we spend some one-on-one cuddle/petting time, me and Lex, Jake and my husband.

  6. Ruby has great legs.. WOOF!
    Love Boston Bamford


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