Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get in the Mood: Mood Boards

With our DA approved and the architects working furiously on the detailed designs of each room, it is now up to us to decide on the fixtures and fittings for each room so we can get a more accurate building quote.

It is a daunting prospect – no less because it is more than a year away from when we will be able to move in and use them all! Tomorrow we are meeting the architect to discuss everything in more detail but here is a list of the main things we need to look at: toilets, taps/mixers, basins, shower roses, baths, laundry tub, towel rails, toilet roll holders, wet area tiles and bench tops, kitchen appliances, lights, door handles, carpet, timber flooring. I am exhausted already!

Needless to say, I have a raft of magazine clippings and images from the net to give me ideas but I also made some mood boards when we first embarked on this project. I highly recommend creating them to not only help your architect and interior designer discover what you like, but to highlight exactly what your style is - from the overall feel of a room and the whole house, to the colour scheme and individual features and furniture.

Here are some of the mood boards I created early last year …

Outdoor spaces

Doing this process I discovered I like a neutral backdrop - white walls and dark timber floors - to offset colourful pieces, interesting furniture and art.
The next step is trawling the streets to see some of this stuff in person. Watch this space!

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