Thursday, December 16, 2010

Privacy Screens

I'm very pleased to have to say that the debacle with the kerosene in the pool has ended peacefully and no-one was hurt!

The kerosene eventually evaporated and we were able to drain away the water without incurring any extra expenses or damage (apart from mental stress!).

Our next neighbourly hurdle, however, is getting the same neighbour to agree to the details of the privacy screening we're putting on the eastern side of the deck (a condition he requested when we applied for the DA). Our builder has made and erected a mock screen so we can all see what it will look like and what we will be able to see - or more importantly not see - through it. It will be a silver metal louvre screen a little like this timber one ...

The slats will be fixed horizontally so that we cannot look down through them and will only be able to close up (giving us total privacy and protection from any wind) and if we fix the bottom three at the angle they are shown here, there is no way we'll be able to look down.

But we still get a wonderful view of the bush.
Cross fingers everyone will be happy with it!


  1. I think it will look great. Remember to remind him not to flatter himself with the idea that you want to see him nude or spy on him. Good luck with Keroman.

  2. Happy to read the kerosene issue is out of the way. I hope you have less of a struggle with the privacy screen! Michelle

  3. That is great! Fingers crossed:)


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