Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keep Calm and Get Even!

Since my last post on Knucklehead Neighbour's wrongdoings I 've spent a good deal of time breathing in and out slowly and deeply in order to stay calm. You know how it goes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Pretend you are full of lightness and serenity. But then go grrrr really loudly.

I have also informed the council of Knucklehead Neighbour's activity, as they are currently looking over a Section 96 Application we had to submit regarding privacy screenings (which was all because of Knucklehead Neighbour I might add). And I've asked our lawyer what to do next - which is basically to find out in detail from the builder if the kerosene will fully evaporate, whether it could damage the concrete in the pool and then affect the tiling process. If there are going to be extra expenses, then we can send Knucklehead Neighbour a nice wee letter from our lawyer saying that if he trespasses again we'll call the police and that he must bear the full cost of any costs to do with removing the kerosene.

Our lawyer even suggested I blog about it and let everyone know how Knucklehead solicitor behaves after hours and I said, already on to it!
Now I'd like to end on a nicer note: pictures from the living space on the second level. This eastern view of the bush and trees above the rooftops from the deck, was exactly the vista we were hoping to get from the kitchen/living area.

Then if you step back into the middle of the living area and swivel to your left, this is the view you get. Most of what you see here is the deck - didn't realise quite how big it would be but I'm not complaining!

If you do another swivel to your left, you then face what will be the kitchen. You can faintly see a painted green line which is where the splashback will be in glass with a vista of bamboo that will be planted below in front of the fence.

Turn left again and at the end of this timber yard-looking space is where the TV room will be.

And last shot: on the side deck from the living looking back at the master bedroom and lots of lovely foliage!

Before I go I have to thank Trish from A Dream House for Trish for two things:

1) Knucklehead Neighbour's nickname - nice, and
2) For giving my novel a plug - thanks heaps!

And I suggest you pop on over to her blog to check out her inspirations for her dream house.


  1. Yay! Bring in the lawyers!

    I hope it all works out ... why do people waste their time annoying others?

  2. The name is inspired. Still can't believe what a jerk you have for a neighbour. xx

  3. What a pain in the butt - as if building isn't stressful enough!
    I love your lush green outlook. Very exciting!

  4. Knucklehead sounds like he lives up to his nickname! Sorry you have to deal with that, but love the vista from your deck!

  5. Just had to catch up on your past post re knucklehead as I obviously had missed something! Pouring Kerosine into the pool to stop mosquitos .... as Dr Phil would say "now hows that working out for you (mr knucklehead)"?? Very strange behaviour! I agree you need to take lots of deep breaths!
    Love your outlook though - thanks for showing us - its all looking great. Michelle

  6. I must thank Trish too for finding you. Your house is looking fabulous. Love the large deck and idea of bamboo near the fence. It's such a pity to have such problems with a neighbour, as ideally you should look out for one another. All sounds rather stressful on top of the stress of building. Keep on breathing in and out, and congratulations on your book published. You're like a wonderwoman!

  7. i can't believe your neighbor did that! how annoying and awkward now that you have to live by him for as long as you or he leaves. good luck!

  8. Yay, hit him with the bill, that'll show him its your neighborhood too.
    Your view is AWESOME its like your building a spectacular tree house, I love it!!


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