Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Joy of Gardening on Paper

You may remember from previous posts that I'm not much of a gardener (and neither is hubby, I might add!). Although we do appreciate lovely, well-kept gardens. So, the thing is, we are now looking more closely at the landscaping plans and deciding which plants to plant where. And I must say, I quite like this gardening-on-paper lark!

Our three main priorities are plants that are low maintenance, have low-water requirements and, for me, are allergy friendly (asthma, hayfever and sinus problems now being my new unwanted friends since moving to Sydney). The focus is on native and tropical plants with a cream and red flower theme. So, here are some of our choices.

As we already have a pink, orange flowering frangipani at the entrance to the property, we're going to add another couple of frangipanis around the garden to keep with the theme and they're my favourite flower.

Then we've got dwarf New Zealand Christmas bushes (or Pohutukawa as we call them). They come out in gorgeous red flowers at summer time.

Cream Clivias which I just love en masse and will be great in the more shady areas of the garden.

Star jasmine to climb the fence at the back of the garden.

A couple of Cycads

White Mondo grass

Slender Rush grass

There will also be Lilly Pillys running along the neighbouring boundaries to provide privacy, slender tall bamboo along the concrete/stone wall side - to not only hide the concrete/stone wall but provide a screening of greenery to the guest bedroom, rumpus room and the glass splashback in the kitchen above. And hopefully our rather sad-looking tree ferns will survive and be able to be replanted.


  1. Your garden sounds like it will be lovely when it is all in place. I love frangipani's too but I think it is too cold for them to grow here. xx

  2. I started a landscape plan on paper too! At least a garden on paper is easy to maintain!Some gorgeous selections! The clivias andcycads are shade/part shade lovers which is handy for those tricky spots. And the jasmine will always look fresh and green and smell delightful...although not good for heyfever!

  3. I always wanted a huge garden full of flowers. Your plan sounds wonderful:)
    Kisses, my dear

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  4. Just love those frangipanis and clivias. Such a good idea to plan things on paper and colour them in!!

  5. Oh I'd love to have a pretty garden but I think I'm too lazy to keep it nice... :D
    Thank you for joining the Ex-Presso / Blog couture giveaway! I hope you'll win! ;)


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