Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fishin'

I wish had some riveting updates on our house build but there's really not a lot to say or show. Rain has held up the second floor slab going on and other work that's been completed (ie retaining walls, finishing the lower level brick work etc) isn't worthy of a either a photo or a blog post. Slowly but surely we are getting there but, like everyone in Sydney, we're sick of the cold, rainy, windy days that make it feel more like winter than spring.

I wouldn't mind jetting off to this house, though, that's not only got the weather but a rather amazing pool and house design that looks rather resort-like.

The Fish House which is described as a 'modern tropical bungalow' - which downplays it somewhat, don't you think? - is in Singapore and was designed by Guz Architects.

I mean, check out the master bedroom ensuite - what views, what size!

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Images via The Contemporist

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  1. I hear you re. the rain!! I too am trying to build our house (plus a few others for clients) and it has been a soggy few months in Brisbane too.... it gets so depressing doesn't it! Your house looks great and I am now following your blog. The house above is a stunner. Architects in Singapore are on top of their game at the moment. Very impressive. J


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