Monday, March 15, 2010

Swedish Inspiration

Hello everyone! One of my favourite blogs, Desire to Inspire, featured this beautiful room not so long ago and I decided I wanted a piece of it (which basically means saving the image as part of my online mood board and looking at it every now and again because of all its dreaminess).

Every time I look at it, I find something else to love - the chair which looks vintage, stylish and comfy; the simple pendant bulb; the framed art arrangement; the monkey sculpture (easy to miss in the background); the charcoal rug and the all-white floors and walls. While that corner of the room was probably styled to within an inch of its life, it still looks like a place that is someone's home. Which it is - because Desire to Inspire found it on a Swedish real estate's website - Alvhem Makleri!

But then, we all know the Swedes have design in the genes.

My only question is, anyone know what the blue box is on the coffee table? A box of matches, a packet of cigarettes or a pack of cards ...? Was it left there by mistake or is it something all Swedes desire to have on their side table?

While you're pondering that question, I've just had a quick look at Alvhem Makleri's website and can now see why you would want to browse it when you don't live in Sweden (just remember to click on the translate button in Google to get the quaint, if not sometimes wonky English translation).

Then I discovered that the room above belongs to 'A wonderfully charming turn of the century apartment of 2 rooms + kitchen with newly renovated kitchen and bathroom. A dream home, located on the attractive Chalmersgatan with elegant turn of the century details such as white-painted originalbrädgolv [whatever they are!], fine moldings and 3.2 m high ceiling with stucco. Stable & well-run club with very low fees'.

Nice. But it's sold.

Now I want to keep browsing! Yet I have work to do. Until next time ...

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