Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sculpture by the Garden

My girls were so inspired by the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition that they decided to put on an impromptu one of their own, entitled Sculpture by the Garden. Here's some of what they came up with - amazing what you can do with a little imagination!

Popstick street by Hannah

Spying is framing by Hannah

Spider web by Amy

Chime by Amy


  1. Hi mummy I love your blog!
    it's so cool!!!
    Love hanny xoxoxo

  2. hi mum I love your blog.
    Thanks for puting my sculptures
    on your blog.
    love amy

  3. Hi,I'm very fond of your blog,
    What else do you like?
    I think you blog is very inspiring.
    I love to see you including you family.
    My fave so far is the sculpture by the garden, sculpture by the sea and hardys bay.

    From Hannah


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