Monday, November 30, 2009

Floating Stairs

I am in love with stairs that float, like weightless piano keys in the sky, belying the engineering feat required to ensure they can be climbed. What seems to make them look even more amazing is when they meet or follow windows or skylights up to the next level. Stairway to heaven anyone ...?

Apartment Therapy - Lauren and Eric Wendlandt's house, Framework Design architects.

E-Architect - Sycamore House Scotland, ICOSIS architects.

Contemporist - Poliform's 'Mylife in 80m2'

E-Architect - Portobello Road House, Pitman Tozer Architects, images Nick Kane.

Not strictly floating but these stairs still offer the same effect and I really like the all-white walls and shelving, wide timber floors and great view on the second level.

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  1. Be careful when you use those staircases...


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