Sunday, December 4, 2011

Views from Inside

Well, the camera has been doing overtime! While it does feel a little weird taking photos of what is now our home - rather than a work in progress - here are some shots of inside.

As an unconfident sewer, I have to point out the homemade turquoise velvet cushion - one of four I'm proud to say! The fabric was bought on a whim on a visit to Auckland last hols and it perfectly matches, as I had hoped, the rug.

Entrance to the living space and kitchen, capturing the view of the trees.

View from the deck through to the kitchen and dining space - plus an amazing floral creation of sunflowers and cabbages a friend made for me.

Kitchen/living wall niche painted in Resene Triple Masala.

The bathroom off the living room.

The wallpaper is from Laura Ashley if anyone's interested, bought on sale at an amazing $48 a roll which is a bargain in wallpaper-world!

Front door and stairwell detail. Finally the glass balustrades are in and are the correct measurements!

Am loving the sandstone wall but it does seem to attract the huntsmen! Although we have had two in the dishwasher so maybe there's just something about the house. Whatever it is, I'll have to warn our English visitors who are arriving in two weeks!

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  1. Wowza Jane, it all looks so amazing! I love it, the wallpapers, sandstone( minus hunstmen) views but that rug! To. Die. For.
    Ps well done with the cushions :)

  2. WOW Jane Stunning, congrats to you and your family, your home is incredible!!

  3. It looks absolutely amazing and must be very very satisfying to see it all come together. Am fascinated by sunflower/cabbage arrangement and am off to experiment!

  4. Hi Jane. Gorgeous home. You way of decorating is so inviting and stylish.

    I absolutely love your rug. Would you mind if i ask where you purchased it from? From memory it was a while back but i couldn't find the post where you mentioned it. Thanks. Bianca


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