Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Books, beds and bathrooms

For me there's nothing nicer than a wall of books. Except my problem is I keep every book I ever get and, as I discovered during the unpacking, we have so many books - quite a few of which I don't know why I kept in the first place! And the sad thing is, second hand book shops are now pretty fussy about what they stock and even charities are being selective. So now I've made a pact to only keep ones I really, really liked and want to have on the shelves.

Here is a little corner of the study with flying ducks on the wall from Delilah Devine's Esty shop (aka Linda from Adelaide) who makes them from vintage wallpaper and eco ply. She also does flying horses! Have to point out another of homemade cushion and the old green phone I bought a while ago that our electrician has just spent ages on to get it working properly and restore its ring. Being the youthful age he is, he thought it rather quaint and couldn't get over how long it took to dial (I didn't like to tell him we had one of these when I was growing up!).

Through the door at the end of the bookshelves you get to the master ensuite - hence the continuation of the timber. I spent ages looking for bathroom mirror lights I liked (which hubby never quite understood!) and finally found these Italian numbers which fitted the bill nicely.

Then through the ensuite you get to the master bedroom (and another homemade cushion!).

And if you're lying there, you get to look here ...

Glad we went for the extra carpet underlay as the carpet is soooo comfy. And in case you're wondering the carpet is Cavalier Bremworth NZ wool and all the bedroom curtains are a sheer of some sort with a neutral blackout lining behind so you can get the best of all worlds: privacy, light and total darkness as required.


  1. You must love living here as it's all do wonderful. I remember those phones were a pain if you were entering a radio competition as it would take so long to dial!
    I love the chair too, it looks like Cloth fabric. I bought some of the Stoney pattern to cover a grubby foot stool. Great fabric :)

  2. Oh I'd KILL for a wall of books. I'm trying to pare my collection down, they are always Hell to Dust x

  3. Lovely blog! here is someone about of dogs beds.... Beasley dog beds are by far one of the best options of all that you have when it comes to dog beds in general, and there are many good reasons for this.

  4. Great blog! We would love to build our dream home-glad I have discovered you!- Belinda

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  6. Jane your home looks amazing! I am just the same with books I have way too many, I need a huge built in bookcase. xx

  7. Books can make such a lovely feature of a room. But they really are heavy when boxed up for moving, I think I might be leaving some of mine behind when I move at the end of this year.

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  10. I love the way these house interiors were renovated.


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