Monday, August 15, 2011

Look, no scaffolding (and more)!

I can't believe what a difference scaffolding makes! Apart from being able to see the house better, without it the rooms are a million times lighter.

Nor can I believe what a difference a kitchen makes, and a wardrobe or two!

It's really beginning to look like a proper house now.

There's even door handles.

You can see a bit of the timber flooring.

And this is what it'll be like with its China Oil, semi-gloss coating.

The countdown is on!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog, Jane. Wow, what a beautiful home you're creating! Look forward to following along.


  2. Be still my heart, this is getting VERY exciting!

    Loving the sandstone, the front section of the house, the greenery through the kitchen window...well everything really.

    Happy day Jane!

    xx Felicity

  3. Looking so good and certainly getting very exciting now! Can't wait for your next update, Jane. Happy days indeed!


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