Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Design Blog: Who'd Have Thought?

Hi all!

I know I haven't been around here much lately. I kind of got a little camera shy once the house was finished and decorated and we moved in! Needless to say, we're loving it here and have no plans on moving for a very long time. I still like tinkering with the decor, though, and checking out other home design blogs. Plus, I can't seem to stop myself from buying interiors magazines!

After having a break from blogging, I've now got a new blog which you might want to check out here.

It's all about featuring designers, artists and their work that has either been creatively invented or reinvented from their original purpose or form. It's about upcycling, recycling, inventiveness and originality. The sort of thing that makes you think: Who'd have thought of that?

There will also be a Who'd Have Thought? store opening soon that will showcase some of these products and more.

It's a new venture for me and I'm quite excited about it, so come on over and take a peek ...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Books, beds and bathrooms

For me there's nothing nicer than a wall of books. Except my problem is I keep every book I ever get and, as I discovered during the unpacking, we have so many books - quite a few of which I don't know why I kept in the first place! And the sad thing is, second hand book shops are now pretty fussy about what they stock and even charities are being selective. So now I've made a pact to only keep ones I really, really liked and want to have on the shelves.

Here is a little corner of the study with flying ducks on the wall from Delilah Devine's Esty shop (aka Linda from Adelaide) who makes them from vintage wallpaper and eco ply. She also does flying horses! Have to point out another of homemade cushion and the old green phone I bought a while ago that our electrician has just spent ages on to get it working properly and restore its ring. Being the youthful age he is, he thought it rather quaint and couldn't get over how long it took to dial (I didn't like to tell him we had one of these when I was growing up!).

Through the door at the end of the bookshelves you get to the master ensuite - hence the continuation of the timber. I spent ages looking for bathroom mirror lights I liked (which hubby never quite understood!) and finally found these Italian numbers which fitted the bill nicely.

Then through the ensuite you get to the master bedroom (and another homemade cushion!).

And if you're lying there, you get to look here ...

Glad we went for the extra carpet underlay as the carpet is soooo comfy. And in case you're wondering the carpet is Cavalier Bremworth NZ wool and all the bedroom curtains are a sheer of some sort with a neutral blackout lining behind so you can get the best of all worlds: privacy, light and total darkness as required.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Views from Inside

Well, the camera has been doing overtime! While it does feel a little weird taking photos of what is now our home - rather than a work in progress - here are some shots of inside.

As an unconfident sewer, I have to point out the homemade turquoise velvet cushion - one of four I'm proud to say! The fabric was bought on a whim on a visit to Auckland last hols and it perfectly matches, as I had hoped, the rug.

Entrance to the living space and kitchen, capturing the view of the trees.

View from the deck through to the kitchen and dining space - plus an amazing floral creation of sunflowers and cabbages a friend made for me.

Kitchen/living wall niche painted in Resene Triple Masala.

The bathroom off the living room.

The wallpaper is from Laura Ashley if anyone's interested, bought on sale at an amazing $48 a roll which is a bargain in wallpaper-world!

Front door and stairwell detail. Finally the glass balustrades are in and are the correct measurements!

Am loving the sandstone wall but it does seem to attract the huntsmen! Although we have had two in the dishwasher so maybe there's just something about the house. Whatever it is, I'll have to warn our English visitors who are arriving in two weeks!

Until next time ...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Back & the House is Becoming a Home!

I can't believe it's been two months since I last posted and, not only that, but the house is still being worked on!! Since we moved in we've had tradies here pretty much the whole time - whether it's working in the garage, making gates, putting in mozzie screens, touching up paintwork, putting in glass balustrades, handrails ... the list goes on.

Right now the landscapers are finishing up and although I still don't have a washing line (!) the garden is starting to come together. Even just having some grass helps make the place look less like a building site. But I can tell you I'll be very glad when they've all gone. I'm sick of looking at builder's cracks, finding cigarette butts in the garden, listening to power tools, having issues with sub-contractors and just trying to get stuff done without being interrupted.

Having said all that, the house has turned out fab and I don't regret a minute of it. It may have been a long and, at times, frustrating journey (sorry to use that word!) but it's been worth it and may I never have to move house again for a very long time!!

So, finally I've taken some updated shots to show the house being turned into a home. These are views from around the deck ...

The pool was finally completed two weeks ago much to the girls' delight! For those who are interested, we used a metallic blue mosaic tile for the top trim and seat and a product call Gemtex - which is a mix of coloured glass and concrete - for the inside.

View showing roof pebbles, a feature Yucca and the louvre screening.

A bit of my own gardening - succulents on the table and six different herbs on the railing. Star jasmine will eventually climb up the back fence.

Another view of the herbs and the rebuilt rockery, where the barbecue is (just out of shot to the left), and the transplanted tree ferns which amazingly survived.

We've got cream cliveas and cycads, star jasmine along both fence lines and on the top part is my mini vege garden which has a tomato plant, strawberries, a perpetual lettuce, rosemary and rocket which is still to sprout.

So now that I've finally got my blogging groove back, I'll return with shots of inside!

Take care

Friday, September 30, 2011

Plant or table?


Slightly digressing from our house, for something a little different, is this ...


No, it's not a plant. It's a living, breathing table.


How cool is that?

Images via Contemporist

It's called Plantable (nice) and is designed by London-based JAILmake Studio.

What do you think of this idea?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We're in #3: Wallpaper, family rooms & buildings sites

Am in love with wallpaper and am so glad we've used it here and there, as in the rumpus room toilet (just for my English hubby!) ...

The mirror on the floor will, of course, go above the vanity!

And the Triple Masala walls in the TV room have come up a treat ...

 I'm so happy we decided to keep some of the original bricks exposed in the rumpus room ...

But let's not forget it's still a building site! 

External study louvres showing the entrance 

... and the front garden

Over the next two weeks we're hoping to see a lot of progress so watch this space!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We're in #2: Bedrooms

As promised here are some more shots of the interior: the bedrooms ...

Our bedroom with the 'Tree Tops' wallpaper which has come up better than I expected.

Spare bedroom detail (the bed's not up yet as special screw thingys needed to lock the slats in place are missing - hopefully in a box yet to be unpacked in the garage. But, don't worry, English visitors - it will be up in time for your visit at Christmas!).

Daughter #1's purple bedroom

Detail in daughter #1's bedroom. The curtains have small silver sequins in the flower pattern which look gorgeous at night. 

Daughter #2's desk detail with its pale aqua colour scheme.

I have to say the girls have been fantastic at packing and unpacking their rooms. I've not done a thing! Well, the deal was if it doesn't get packed or unpacked then it's gone - in the rubbish or given away. Seemed to work!

Pale blue metallic tiles in the girls' shower (wish I'd put them around the bath now they look so pretty!)

I have more so will put them in the next post!


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