Monday, May 16, 2011

A window here, a garage there ...

 Windowless kitchen window viewed from deck.

A window here, a window there ... I wish there were windows everywhere!

 View from eastern side of deck through to the entrance way.

Okay, so that was a poor attempt at a rhyme but it is, oh, so true.
 Front entrance

However, glass did arrive on site on Friday and it has started to go in today and the window company assured us that by this Friday it will all be in. Crack open the bubbly but don't crack the glass!

Other news: the garage is going up.

And the Lilly pillys are going in along the boundary fence by the pool.


  1. Oh it's all happening now, isn't it? Must be getting more exciting by the minute!

  2. Wow, great improvements are made in the construction of your new home. It will be stunning in the end, I'm sure!!


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