Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tree House

I took my interior design friend, Rachel, to the house the other day and her first comment on being in the living space was that it was like being in a tree house.

I'd never thought of that before but I guess it kind of is - with it being high up, the views of the trees - and then when the timber flooring goes in it really will be.

Then the next day I was there, we had a visitor who clearly thought the same thing ...

They might be cheeky and loud and swoop to pinch your picnic food, but I love kookaburras!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter and I'll see you back here next week.



  1. Got to be nice to the kookies, he'll be on the outside of the house one day!

  2. That's really special! My mother always said that kookaburras are only found in happy places - why else would they laugh???

    Bodes well for the happiness of your home then. Looking great!

  3. Your tree house is getting much closer to be finished, loving your updates. Happy Easter!!!

  4. Hi Jane,
    We are also building a house in Sydney that is very similar in style to yours. I love all your ideas and it seems we have very similar taste. Your house is going to look fabulous.
    I love the look of your weatherboards. Can I be so bold as to ask you what they are? We are also going weatherboard. Our house near lock-up, but we are being delayed by what I call 'cladding confusion' It's such a huge decision and I don't want to muck it up. Keep up the good work!

  5. It's looking good. I'm so excited for you! Have a delightful weekend, Kellie xx

  6. Linetta, sorry for the delay in answering your question re the cladding! Basically they're pine weatherboards that have been milled to resemble Hardie Grant weatherboard sheeting called Axon. We wanted a modern look using traditional materials. And we're going to paint them Dulux Natural White. Hope this helps!! Good luck. Jx


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